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Ocean Enterprises Marketing Director Trish Keefer starts new agency

Submitted by: Marketing 4 Abundance
Released on: Dec 04, 2012

Trish Keefer, with over 20 years of experience in Marketing and Public Relations, and who has been Director of Marketing for Ocean Enterprises for over 6 years, recently launched her new full-service marketing agency, Marketing 4 Abundance. Trish continues to work with Ocean Enterprises to manage their ongoing marketing needs, and her goal with Marketing 4 Abundance is to work with other businesses in the scuba divingindustry (including dive stores, resorts, liveaboards, and equipment manufacturers)to increase their revenue, lead generation, brand awareness, and customer loyalty and satisfaction. 

Marketing 4 Abundance provides affordable solutions including Inbound Marketing to help attract new customers (SEO marketing, keyword research, E-Commerce and website solutions, social media management, content marketing), email marketing to connect with your current customers, event marketing, customer surveys and satisfaction programs, public relations/media relations, and marketing collateral.  

Marketing 4 Abundance also offers an incredible Business Marketing Software which is a powerful, web-based application that allows business owners to consolidate and manage all of their marketing from one screen, making this an easy-to-use, feature-packed solution for small business management. The software includes Customer Relationship Management, Website Design and Management, Email Marketing, Social Media Management, Blogging, Customer Surveys, Event Management, Ticketing, Project Management (to help keep all company members on track), and more.  If you don’t have the time to manage the software yourself, Marketing 4 Abundance provides additional support and can create your web pages, email newsletters, surveys, social media messages, blogs, and more on a monthly basis.  We are here to help you "Stand Out, Thrive, and Be Abundant!"  

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For more information contact Trish Keefer or at 858-752-2868

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