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A MAJOR Change at DIVER Magazine

Submitted by: DIVER Magazine
Released on: Dec 12, 2012

...“I’ve noticed a major change in the magazine, great articles, well written stories about diving, people, animals, destinations, adventure, exploration and vision....” says Bob Hollis, founder of Oceanic and 2012 recipient of the Historical Diving Society’s Diving Pioneer Award. Hollis went on to say, “DIVER and Alert Diver mags are far and away the best reads going.”

Thousands of divers talk with us at DEMA 2012. The consensus? DIVER was definitely not your typical dive magazine and a great read!

Compelling content makes a strong first impression. Being intimately involved with the dive industry, DIVER Magazine’s clear voice stands out as we discuss the important issues of concern to industry stakeholders, be they manufacturers, charters, retailers or divers.

DEMA 2012 as DIVER’s opportunity to showcase the many changes through a buys and productive year: a major expansion plan to reshape everything about the DIVER brand.First, was a cover-to-cover, graphic overhaul of the print edition. This new contemporary look makes it easy to interact with our new, redesigned and refreshed online presence atwww.divermag.comThe rebranding initiative was completed in October with the launch of DIVER’s fully interactive iPad edition, easily accessed through the iTunes store shelf. Go to:www.diveripadmag.comfor information or to download a free trial issue of DIVER.

DIVER is the longest published scuba magazine in North America, having been around for almost four decades. We have chronicled the sport and the dive industry through decades of growth, innovation and challenges. Coverage is focused on training, equipment, dive sites, personal experiences, dive travel options and the best destinations worldwide. Regular columns on underwater photography, video, diving medicine and the ocean environment are staples. Book reviews, dive history, marine life, news and other topics also enjoy regular profile in the magazine’s pages.The glossy magazine now reaches divers in 40 countries, including readers in every US state and Canadian province, connecting with divers and potential divers coast to coast. Top name advertisers regularly appear in every issue of the magazine and online.

A growing presence on the World Wide Web and now in the expanding global tablet market, DIVER is positioned as a leader in cross platform information distribution in the dive industry.DIVER distribution now offers industry information and entertainment without borders.

And what will the future hold for DIVER? We will continue to evolve, embracing multi-media publishing and utilizing the incredible communication tools available in today’s world.



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