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Safety First for Worldwide Dive and Sail

Submitted by: Worldwide Dive and Sail
Released on: Jan 29, 2013

Always a company to take safety seriously, Worldwide Dive and Sail routinely updates and implements improved emergency action plans across their entire fleet of liveaboards in Asia and the Pacific, in order to remain at the forefront of safety training and new technologies.

All members of the Siren Fleet yacht crews undergo rigorous safety training at professionally run seamanship schools and hold a Basic Safety Training certificate. Their training includes firefighting, basic first aid and life support as well as emergency management procedures. All crew members participate in regular mandatory drills including “man overboard” and “abandon ship”, whilst guests are requested to participate in a life jacket drill upon boarding and further practice scenarios may be performed during the liveaboard safari.

Local and international operations teams provide 24-hour support to the on board crew in order that, should an emergency situation arise, the entire team is available to promptly arrange a guest evacuation from any of the locations they dive in.

“We had a medical emergency with another passenger and the professionalism in which the staff handled this difficult situation was excellent”,Debbie Simpson, Palau Siren July 2012.

With significant losses to their fleet seen in 2012, questions have been raised regarding fleet and diver safety. However the operator maintains a 100% commitment to providing a safe and secure environment for their guests. As a testament to their quality and crew training all guests were brought safely to land without injury during the incidents.

Siren Fleet yachts continue to be well-equipped withthe latest safety technology from automated life-rafts to EPIRB, as well as satellite communication systemsand a full complement of medical supplies for treating minor injuries or ailments and for assisting trained medical professionals in remote locations. You will also find a full supply of medical grade oxygen and DAN O2 provider kits for any suspected cases of DCS.

The company continues to seek ways to ensure guest and diver safety and from January 2013 will introduce automated external defibrillators (AEDs) onto each yacht and Oceanears Accoustic Diver Recall system.

I’ve always had the sense that safety is top priority, as evidenced by well-stocked first aid kits, ample oxygen supplies and a complete range of communications and emergency gear...the WDS boats I’ve been aboard appeared well maintained, their crews conscientious and professional.”Mark Strickland, 5 time guest of the Siren Fleet.

As a further commitment to diver safety, each diver is given the opportunity to rent a Nautilus Lifeline each day to ensure that, in the unlikely event of separation from the yacht, radio contact can be established and a quick, efficient pick up arranged. Proceeds from the rental of the units will be donated annually to marine conservation charities, including Reef Check US and Bite-Back UK.