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XS Scuba Announces New Licensing Agreement

Submitted by: XS Scuba
Released on: Feb 12, 2013

XS Scuba, pleased to announce a license agreement with Vindicator™, allowing XS Scuba to use their patented handwheel technology.

XS Scuba, one of the leading suppliers of cylinders and valves to the diving industry, believes the concept of the Vindicator™ Handwheel provides an added level of safety to scuba valves. The simple red/green, off/on sleeve allows you to know at a glance whether your air, and that of your dive buddies, is turned completely on allowing you to dive with confidence.

Ocean Enterprises, one of S. California’s premier dive retailers, uses the XS Scuba Safety Handwheel on their training and rental cylinders. According to Werner Kurn-President,” the Safety Handwheel is an inexpensive way to provide that extra level of protection for our customers. The reliability and simplicity of design is a major benefit.”

The XS Scuba Safety Handwheel is supplied on all Worthington steel cylinders and is offered as an option on any other cylinder available from XS Scuba and Sea Pearls. Take a minute to view the simplicity of the Safety Handwheel by clickinghere.