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Our World-Underwater Show a MAJOR SUCCESS

Submitted by: Our World-Underwater Show
Released on: Feb 19, 2013

Our World-Underwater 43 closed with great a great turn out this past weekend. The show was packed with enthusiastic attendees all three days. In fact, a few exhibitors ran out of handouts on Saturday, according to show organizers. "The film festivals were packed, and the stores sold enough product to want to be back next year. All in all 2013 is going down in the books as one of the best shows," said Our World-Underwater Chairman Patrick Hammer.

Hammer reports the Friday night film festival was one of the best in recent memory. On Saturday Stan Waterman was honored with a cake and a bottle of OW-U special reserve wine along with a photo book to celebrate his 90th birthday. The audience and presenters sang happy birthday to this important industry figure.

What is planned for next year? According to Hammer, "The show will open on Valentine’s Day, so we will have a special for that special person in your life. Were glad to say we will allow sales of hard goods on the show floor. Consumers are changing and coming to a show expecting to make a purchase. Dive centers are asking to sell to help pay for their booths. We are asking all manufactures to stand behind this and honor MAP pricing. Our goal is to grow the show and satisfy the consumers. We do not want a flea market atmosphere."

He continued, "If dive stores keep professional and conduct themselves in a professional manner, we will continue to allow sales. If we find that stores are not professional and not holding to MAP pricing or they are using the show to flood the market by dropping prices, we will either stop the sales of hard goods on the floor in future shows, or we may not invite the unprofessional stores back. Our World-Underwater is an upscale show and we believe this will enhance the show and grow the Midwest market."

Our World-Underwater 2013 is scheduled for February 14 -16, 2014