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PSI/PCI Programs continue at Upcoming Dive Shows

Submitted by: PSI-PCI
Released on: Feb 26, 2013

Following on the success at Our World Underwater, now is the time to register for the upcoming PSI-PCI training offered at Ghost Ships Festival in Milwaukee, WI; Boston Sea Rovers in Boston, MA; and Beneath the Sea in Secaucus, NJ. These are some of the upcoming shows where PSI-PCI will be presenting the Visual Cylinder Inspector training and PSI-PCI Specialty Courses. Plan your attendance to take advantage of this very important training!

If you are required to inspect scuba and other high pressure cylinders at your work or are just interested in understanding the rules and regulations of cylinder inspection, you can meet the federal formal training requirements with the PSI-PCI Visual Cylinder Inspection class and the accompanying specialties.

Previously trained and current PSI-PCI Inspectors can meet their recurrent training requirements with the PSI-PCI Update. If you have had previous PSI-PCI Visual Cylinder Inspection training but have passed the 3 year recurrent training requirement you can renew your compliance by attending the Visual Cylinder Inspector course at the Refresh rate. Contact PSI-PCI to determine eligibility if you are not sure of your expiration date.

Dont delay! Register now to reserve your seat:

For more information about the PSI-PCI classes visit

Contact PSI-PCI directly with questions. or by phone: 425-398-4300.