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Discover Beautiful British Columbia

Submitted by: Dive Industry Association of British Columbia
Released on: Mar 05, 2013

Where in the world can you dive with a 40-pound octopus and a 12-foot shark? Or dive on walls carpeted with anemones and 600-pound sea lions? Or dive on wrecks of paddle wheelers that rivalled anything that plied the waters of the Mississippi? Or play astronaut searching for life on Mars in a fresh water lake? British Columbia, that’s where!

Jacques Cousteau proclaimed the BC Coast as the “best cold water diving in the world”. A coastline of over 22,000 kilometers, filled with channels and narrows and passes that are home to an unbelievable variety of life. Perfect photo opportunities await any diver with a memory, both under and over the water. And the province’s interior is filled with lakes, rivers and caves that hold untold new adventures for the explorer in all of us. British Columbia has a special dive for everyone. 

The Dive Industry Association of BC (DIABC), working in conjunction with Tourism BC, is the single largest promoter of diving in BC. DIABC represents both the industry stakeholders (such as the dive stores, charter operators, manufacturers) and the everyday scuba divers in province. 

The Dive Industry Association of BC has just launched their new website ( linking you to this amazing world of diving. The website covers everything scuba diving in British Columbia; it features extensive information on diving in and around BC, a detailedlist of destinations, dive sites, dive stores and charter operators. It also includes dates for special events, shows, artificial reef sinkings, blogs from divers just out of the water and special offers from the local dive industry. Keep coming back to watch the website evolve.

If you are coming to BC to dive or thinking about learning to scuba dive or just wanting to dream about diving in the amazing emerald sea, surf the net

And for those that want something totally different, you can spend a day or two searching for the good old Cadborosaurus!

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