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Pegasus Thruster is Now Part of the Authorized for Military Use (AMU) Program

Submitted by: Pegasus Thruster
Released on: Sep 10, 2013

After a rigorous evaluation and approval process, as of August 26, 2013 Pegasus Thrusters are now a commercial item on the AMU List.The Pegasus Thruster Package is authorized to be used by United States military divers in accordance to its review and approval.

Marissa Wiganowske, President of Pegasus Thruster, said the procedure was extensive, thorough, and over a period of time.However, the team never had a doubt due to the exceptional reception towards the quality and performance of the Unit. 

Pegasus Manufacturing Inc. has been a proud distributor to the armed services, police and fire departments, and various municipalities over the past few years.We would like to thank our friends, colleges, and business associates that were made along the way for your continued support.

For more information about Pegasus Thruster, contact the Headquarters at or +1 305 989

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