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Scuba Schools International Business Consultants Hand Picked for the Job

Submitted by: SSI
Released on: Aug 14, 2007
Fort Collins, Colorado -Scuba Schools International (SSI) the premier education and business organization focuses on the needs of Dive Retailers through skilled SSI Business Consultants and just the right tools.
SSI is serious about the achievements of dive retailers and the representatives who deliver that information. The uniqueness of the SSI Business Consultant TEAM is their credentials. Each representative was hand chosen due to their professional background in diving, managing or operating a retail dive store and their rich history in the diving industry. These hand-chosen individuals are experts in diagnosing and prescribing the various SSI business tools and educational programs designed for results.
"When we began our business 15 years ago, we did not research our certifying agency and know now that was a mistake. There was a day when I had trouble selling a single BCD who would have guessed after putting together $1500 - $3000 Total Diving Systems that they would sell themselves. Our gear sales tripled in the first year and we have never looked backed. Now, we only look forward to keep our systems fresh with the newest styles and accessories. If you do not have total diving systems in your store you are letting precious dollars slip out your door" -Debbie Knight, Knight Diver Aquatic Center. 
Doug McNeese, SSI Executive Director stated, "We realize that education is the beginning of every sale in a dive store and our business model is designed to maximize that potential! Not only are certifications up, but so are our dealer’s sales. By and large, this comes from the work of our Business Consultant TEAM." 
Regions are broken into Western-Ed Salamone, Midwest-Watson DeVore, South Central-Eric Peterson, Northeast-Daryl Bauer, Southeast-Kirk Mortensen, and Caribbean Resorts-Lisa Mitchell.
These skilled individuals truly understand what it takes to run a successful dive store and resort and are dedicated to your success. When you become an SSI Dealer, these professionals will go to work for you. They will meet with you and crossover your staff to help everyone become familiar with the SSI System of products and programs. The objective in the crossover is not to retrain your already qualified instructors. We understand they already have the necessary skills to train divers. Our goal is to familiarize them with the SSI Philosophy and how to maximize the potential of every student.
SSI’s goal is to improve dive retailer’s profitability and success by utilizing fully developed business strategies and high quality educational programs. At SSI, we believe your success equals our success. 
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