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Submitted by: Curacao Tourism
Released on: Dec 16, 2008

Willemstad, Curaçao -December 12, 2008 -The readers of Scuba Diving magazine have voted and they have named Curaçao one of the top dive destinations in the world! Voting in a variety of categories, readers chose Curaçao for its Top Shore Diving, as a Top Dive Destination, for Top Marine Life and Top Value for divers. The wins reflect why the island of Curaçao continues to be one of the top destinations in the world for divers.

“Readers of Scuba Diving magazine are some of the most discerning and knowledgeable in the world when it comes to diving destinations,” says Brenda Benjamin, Director of Marketing, Curaçao Tourism Corporation. “These divers know the importance of marine environments, macro life, underwater photography, as well as the other important categories in which we have received high marks. We’re proud of being named the best over and over again.” 

The January/February 2009 issue of Scuba Diving magazine will feature the Top 100 Reader’s Choice awards with readers voting for Curaçao in these top spots:

Second place

Top Shore Diving

Top Three

Top Beginner Diving

Top Five

Top Dive Destinations

Top Marine Environment


Top Five

Top Macro Life

Top Underwater Photography

Top Value

Top Ten

Top Marine Life

Top Visibility

Top Snorkeling

These diving distinctions were announced on the heels of the recent news that two species of coral once thought to be extinct have been found on Curaçao. According to the University of Miami, after sampling 67 locations around Curaçao, scientists from the U.S. and Australia have discovered the Isopora ginsburgi and Isopora Curaçaoensis. Until the discovery, the coral genus Isopora was only known from the Pliocene to Recent periods of the Indo-Pacific and provides an important link between the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. 

Researchers said the occurrences of Isopora are the oldest records of Isopora worldwide, and key to understanding the bio-geographic separation between reef coral life in the Caribbean and Indo-Pacific regions. 

Stretching across the entire south coast, Curaçao has over 60 identified dive sites. Curaçao is known for its stunning coral reefs that draw divers from Europe, the U.S. and other Caribbean islands. The island’s coral reefs have been compared to beautiful gardens, with delicate corals that are home to brightly coloured tropical fish and other marine life.

Travelers will have the opportunity to visit Curaçao’s beautiful dive sites themselves during the island’s annual Dive Festival, May 23-30, 2009. Consumers may visit to learn more.


With its pristine dive sites, secluded beaches, championship golf course and rich local cuisine, Curaçao offers a little something for everyone -from the adventure traveler to those who simply want to unwind (and enjoy its perfect climate). Curaçao boasts an eclectic mix of history and culture, welcoming visitors to this unique island paradise.

For more information about Curaçao and to receive a free destination DVD, call 1-800-3-CURAçAO (1-800-328-7222), or visit www.Curaç